Ever wonder what the secret to a professionally designed room is? A room that feels balanced yet interesting, without too much visual clutter. One answer is the 60, 30, 10 rule. Don’t worry ……. no real math is involved! There are may exceptions to this rule, such as a monochromatic color scheme, but we’ll cover that topic another time.


#1 – 60% of your room should be your main color. Usually that’s paint color and maybe sofa, flooring or drapes. Starting with a neutral color makes the next steps easy.

#2 – 30% is your secondary color. This could be drapes, an area rug, accent chairs or maybe painted furniture. Next comes the fun step.

#3 – 10% is your accent color. Be bold! You’re only using a small amount of this color so make it count. Good places to add accent colors are decorative pillows, wall art, candles, lamps, vases, etc.

The starting point:
I find starting with something you really love is the easiest way to decide on your 3 colors. An area rug or a piece of art usually has at least 3 colors that work well together. It can even be a piece of fabric you are drawn to. You may decide to only use the fabric to pull your color scheme from and not actually use the fabric. You know the old saying…. Rules are meant to be broken, so just use this as a guide line and let your personality come through.

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